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DevLog #13 | Major updates o7

Its been long since the last DevLog! But as always, I've been busy. This new version brings us closer to the actual EA release on steam, which will be happening very soon. As the EA release will include the campaign mode, I've been spending a lot of time on that. Then there was the lobby UI that was bugging me a bit, and I've been improving the dedicated servers so that I can now host multiple servers at the same time, running different game modes. Hooray! Here's the full changelog:

  • In-game performance improvements for assets and custom sprite drawing
  • In-game performance improvements for particles
  • Added advanced environmental / ambiance system + audio
  • Worked on a Wiki page to document features of the map- and asset editor
  • New Lobby UI + ability to add bots in lobby
  • Added breakable lights to car
  • Added skidding to car
  • Added doors and in/out animations to car
  • Fixed lights showing through roofs
  • Fixed GUI in map editor
  • Fixed GUI in asset editor
  • Fixed wall placement in map editor (walls were invisible in new walls)
  • Fixed wall shape calculator in map editor
  • Redid hitmarker + headshot + kill sound effects
  • Added stat counting on official servers for logged in players
  • Clear chatlog and events on joining game
  • New chat colours
  • Send selected weapon when joining game + fixed bug where too many packets were sent to too many players
  • Fixed zombies not running around when they catch fire
  • Fixed small walls with nicer shadowmaps
  • Fixed shadowmaps on certain walls
  • Cleaned up some old rendering logic
  • New main menu structure
  • Added netcode to boot players
  • Added ADD/REMOVE bots from lobby
  • Fixed random "Protocol mismatch" error
  • Fixed error where # would appear as \# in chat
  • Removed some older compatibility code
  • Fixed some text not being removed from UI when zombie game mode restarts
  • Fixed main menu music timing + fade in
  • Fixed sounds continuing to play after leaving game
  • Fixed crash with broken "indoor" objects
  • Added unique ID to each temp folder of running instance to allow for multiple dedicated servers to run on 1 machine
  • Performance improvements for dedicated servers
  • Dedicated server will now wait for players automatically before starting a match
  • Environmental changes are currently supported, but disabled
  • Added in-game debug console
  • Fixed performance bug with specific particles
  • Bundled 2 default maps with the game
There's some more videos up on YouTube, showing off some of the new tech in the game. The new version will still be available for free as an open beta - I will probably push 1 or 2 more versions (bugfixes on 0.6.0), but as EA comes close, I will be working towards version 1.0.0 - this one will only be available through Steam! Cheers!
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