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About Shoot 'm Up

What platforms will Shoot 'm Up be released on?

Initially only Windows, over Steam. The linux builds have proven successful, but a few bugs will need to be ironed out. We hope to soon add Linux and Mac to the list. If demand is there, we will try to get consoles such as PS4 and XBOX there as well!

When will it be released?

The game will be available soon. Sorry for the delays!

How much will it cost?

The early access release price will be around EUR 7,99. There will be an early bird discount!

Tha game crashes, lags or is bugged!

Great! But only if you tell us. Please join the Discord channel and share your experiences. It is highly appreciated!

How does the map / asset editor work?

Well, thats a difficult one. Its extended. It has a lot of hidden features (and bugs) and is yet to be documented. For now, you can ask V3N0M or Clyde Frog in Discord for help - we're happy to help!

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