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DevLog #12 | Open beta, map improvements, login


Open beta time

The open beta is now available for the public. I hope all goes well and everyone has fun. Remember to check the FAQ page. I'd also love it if you join for a chat in our Discord channel, let me know what your experiences have been so far.

Map sharing

There used to be a "map sharing" logic in the game, where the server would send the map to the client, if the client doesn't have it. That was broken. Now its fixed again. Great for people with custom maps and their own servers!

Login / registering

Now, to be fair, I hate logins in games. You have Steam and everything, right? Well, kind of. I actually want to keep track of the users' stats on official servers + prepare the game for skins, unlockables, XP systems and contests. Hence the login. Its not required, so you can play as guest, but you can also register your own account via the game. Should not be too much of a hassle!

Custom skins

Especially for registered users: you can not select a skin in the preferences :) There are very few skins, and they don't look the best, but there's a solution coming for that shortly... Stay informed!


  • Added map downloading / uploading back in (new system, much faster & reliable!)
  • Added possibility to register / login
  • Added possibility to select a custom skin (only for registered players)
  • Removed all existing assets to make place for custom assets
  • Map editor removes unused assets from map
  • Replaced some icons to make them nicer
  • Added "special" objects to map - you can now define zombie target + zombie shop as seperate objects
  • Increased custom asset loading speed by 80% (love these kind of fixes :3 )
  • Added lights into map editor (More additions such as moving lights / particles will be coming!)
  • Added sound emitters into map editor
  • Fixed performance issue with more than 5 lights
  • Fixed issue where kills could be counted as assist
  • Fixed issue where selected weapons of players were not visible when joining game
  • Clear chat and kill logs on new server join / new hosting
  • Clear kill logs at end of round / join

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