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This roadmap is in rough order, but gives a general idea of what features are planned for Shoot 'm Up.

  • Add possibility to "run" and "crouch" in-game
  • Fix weird grenade speeds on servers with inconsistent FPS's
  • More diverse zombies in survival mode
  • Improved particle system
  • Actual day/night system in survival mode
  • Improved gun shop UI
  • Team revival
  • Add water (still or streaming)
  • Unlockable regions in survival mode
  • "Class" management & unlockable weapons per level
  • Deployable traps & tools (turrets, alarms, mines)
  • Weapon attachments (flashlight, laser sights)
  • More achievements (longshot, noscope)
  • Realistic mode (more damage, no corner peeking)
  • Seperate gun handling for double weapons (individual magazines / shooting / aiming)
  • Melee weaponry (Swords, knife, taser, crossbow, baseball bats and whatnot)
  • Detailed player animation system (which allows for dead bodies)
  • Last man standing - Deathmatch-like game mode infested with zombies
  • Team camp survival - Defend your own camp from the enemy and zombies, and attack the other team's camp
  • Matchmaking service
  • Killstreaks (airdrops, mortars, etc.)
  • Vehicles in Multiplayer (for example for supply runs in zombie survival mode)
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