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About Shoot 'm Up

A fast-paced tactical top-down shooter

Combining smooth gameplay with tons of game modes, weapons and methods to kill your enemies. Go for deathmatches, co-op games, or follow the story in the campaign mode.

Cooperative zombie survival

Co-op zombie survival

Join up to 32 of your friends and fight off hordes of zombies

Kill zombies, earn money. Strengthen your base, defend your objective, and hold out as long as you can.

Be very cautious as danger lies at every corner.

Competitive game modes

Fancy a quick game?

Quickly hop in to the competitive game modes. Join a deathmatch, team deatchmatch, capture the flag or bomb defuse game.

Join the match, choose your gear, and start spraying lead.

Unlock new items as you go and become the god of salt.

Competitive game modes
Make custom maps with the map editor in shoot m up

Map editor & custom games

Bored? Seen it all? Want more?

Make your own maps, add in your own custom assets, sounds and textures. Make zombie survival maps, co-op maps or competitive maps.

Host your server private or public - with your own game rules - and let other people join in on the fun!

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