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DevLog #9 | Campaign mode, doors, roofs and much, much more.

Phew. I've been working my ass off the last couple of weeks. Here's a quick update on the latest new features;
  • Campaign mode! Yeah baby, its decided. No longer just some multiplayer action, but an actual story with real voice actors and cool persona's. Man, the story is fucked up, but its a good one, I can promise you that. This all took most of my time because there's a LOT of new stuff going on. Messages, voice actors, transcription, mission-chains, car physics, in-game triggers and much, much more.
  • Doors & indoor views! - Something I've been wanting to add for a while now! You can no longer look inside buildings, unless you're inside. Good thing you can also close them by closing the doors. You can gently walk in, or do it bad-ass, because I've also added;
  • Kicking! Yep, you can now shove your boot up someone's face while youre shooting the zombies behind you. Yeah, or just kick open a door. Also cool.
  • Map editor improvements! With the campaign bringing in even more requirements for the maps, this had to happen. The map editor is much nicer to work with now, and much more customizable. Throw in your own terrain images in your map to make it even more yours. Use tiling, bezier curve drawing tools to make smooth roads. Its awesome. Its great. Whats even better is that this new map setup will increase performance with almost 30%. On my PC, the FPS even went from 200 to 500 in certain maps!
So yeah, thats about it for now. Some more sneak-peaks of the campaign mode will come but the best parts of the story will remain hidden until release... Can't wait to share it with you!
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