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0.6.0 06-12-2017
  • In-game performance improvements for assets and custom sprite drawing
  • In-game performance improvements for particles
  • Added advanced environmental / ambiance system + audio
  • Worked on a Wiki page to document features of the map- and asset editor
  • New Lobby UI + ability to add bots in lobby
  • Added breakable lights to car
  • Added skidding to car
  • Added doors and in/out animations to car
  • Fixed lights showing through roofs
  • Fixed GUI in map editor
  • Fixed GUI in asset editor
  • Fixed wall placement in map editor (walls were invisible in new walls)
  • Fixed wall shape calculator in map editor
  • Redid hitmarker + headshot + kill sound effects
  • Added stat counting on official servers for logged in players
  • Clear chatlog and events on joining game
  • New chat colours
  • Send selected weapon when joining game + fixed bug where too many packets were sent to too many players
  • Fixed zombies not running around when they catch fire
  • Fixed small walls with nicer shadowmaps
  • Fixed shadowmaps on certain walls
  • Cleaned up some old rendering logic
  • New main menu structure
  • Added netcode to boot players
  • Added ADD/REMOVE bots from lobby
  • Fixed random "Protocol mismatch" error
  • Fixed error where # would appear as \# in chat
  • Removed some older compatibility code
  • Fixed some text not being removed from UI when zombie game mode restarts
  • Fixed main menu music timing + fade in
  • Fixed sounds continuing to play after leaving game
  • Fixed crash with broken "indoor" objects
  • Added unique ID to each temp folder of running instance to allow for multiple dedicated servers to run on 1 machine
  • Performance improvements for dedicated servers
  • Dedicated server will now wait for players automatically before starting a match
  • Environmental changes are currently supported, but disabled
  • Added in-game debug console
  • Fixed performance bug with specific particles
  • Bundled 2 default maps with the game
0.5.3 17-10-2017
  • Added headshot detection!
  • Added simple hints for first time players to explain some controls
  • Decreased screen effect when getting hit
0.5.2 15-10-2017
  • Fixed FPS drop at end of zombie match
  • Fixed completely red zombie HP bar when under 100HP
  • Zombie matches now automatically restart at end of match
  • Added dedicated zombie survival server
0.5.1 14-10-2017
  • Fixed inifinite map download error on certain computers
  • Fixed error when joining capture the flag game
0.5.0 13-10-2017
  • Added map downloading / uploading back in (new system, much faster & reliable!)
  • Added possibility to register / login
  • Added possibility to select a custom skin (only for registered players)
  • Removed all existing assets to make place for custom assets
  • Map editor removes unused assets from map
  • Replaced some icons to make them nicer
  • Added "special" objects to map - you can now define zombie target + zombie shop as seperate objects
  • Increased custom asset loading speed by 80% (love these kind of fixes :3 )
  • Added lights into map editor (More additions such as moving lights / particles will be coming!)
  • Fixed performance issue with more than 5 lights
  • Fixed issue where kills could be counted as assist
  • Fixed issue where selected weapons of players were not visible when joining game
  • Clear chat and kill logs on new server join / new hosting
  • Clear kill logs at end of round / join
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